About Us

Supply Chain & Operational Resources established in 2012 as a culmination of World Class subject matter experts with the charter to develop supplier capabilities in a growing global economy and to support economic growth and development for global level supply chain requirements.

Business Issue

  • OEM’s and Tier 1’s are looking for capable supply sources across numerous industries that align with their desired structure.
  • Suppliers may not be aware of how to go about approaching a major supplier or what criteria makes them capable.
  • International guidelines for supply-chain competency are structured, but not known or adopted by the majority of the supply base (both Foreign and Domestic).
  • Areas with underutilized assets and resources could grow in support of these global requirements.


  • Become a recognized resource to train, educate and develop suppliers to the recognized international guidelines.
  • Synchronize the efforts with the OEM’s to identify qualified suppliers.
  • Coordination/collaboration of local/state and site resources to optimize supply chain and production processes.
  • Become the empowering resource to connect needs from the OEM to capabilities of new supply sources.


  • Provide defined structure and unified approach to synchronize activities/projects.
  • Align supplier capabilities to customer requirements and open a channel to market.
  • Standardize and make visible business processes and reporting across supply chain.
  • Offer clear cost advantages through easily quantifiable improvements  and benchmarking.